SAUNDERS & WARD Pty Ltd is equipped to perform a wide range of steel fabrication and general engineering work in-house - all done to strict quality and performance guidelines. Our steel fabrication workshop and machine shop can produce complete items of equipment, from the simplest to the most complex, without the need to outsource. This saves you time and money, and enables us to pass on to you the benefit of a quality-controlled finished product.

CNC profile cutting machine
CNC profile cutting machine
CNC brake press
CNC brake press

Steel Fabrication

Our steel fabrication workshop is equipped with a wide range of tooling, including:

  • Plate rolls up to 3100mm x 32mm double initial pinch capacity
  • CNC profile and plasma cutting up to 3300mm x 12700mm bed capacity
  • CNC 400 tonne brake pressing up to 16mm thick x 3700mm.
  • MIG and Flux Cored Welding up to 600 amps
  • TIG welding up to 375 amps
  • Portable cutting equipment, including bandsaws
  • Fork lift trucks up to 11 tonne capacity
  • Mobile cranes and flat tray trucks
  • Site diesel welders and equipment
CNC lathe machine
CNC lathe machine
CNC milling machine
CNC milling machine

Fitting and Machining

Our machine shop is well equipped with a wide range of machining and drilling equipment, including:

  • CNC lathe machining up to 560mm swing x 2000mm b/c
  • CNC milling machining up to 2600mm x 1500mm x 1000mm.
  • Lathes up to 1200mm swing x 8000mm between centres
  • Milling machines up to 5500mm table
  • Slotters
  • Radial drills
  • Horizontal borer
  • Shapers
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Portable line borer

Steel Service Centre

SAUNDERS & WARD has a modern CNC profile cutting machine which can provide a complete steel processing facility for all maintenance and project requirements.

This CNC profile cutting machine (3300mm x 12700mm bed capacity), incorporates high performance CNC plasma cutting of mild steel, bisalloy and stainless steel grades of plate up to 50mm thick. This gives laser-like quality at a fraction of the price.

Holes in cleats and base plates can be plasma-cut to a fine tolerance.

CNC gas cutting up to 200mm thick on mild and bisalloy steel plate grades.

A Reputation for Service

SAUNDERS & WARD is committed to customer service. Service is the key element in every part of our business. The loyalty of our customers over the years has been the result of our quick response to their needs, whether it be breakdown maintenance or project work.

By performing both fabrication and machining work in-house, Saunders & Ward can maintain a high standard of quality, with fast turnaround, all at a competitive price.

In the Saunders & Ward workshop

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North Hobart Machine Shop
North Hobart Machine Shop

Product Areas

Saunders & Ward are also specialists in manufacturing storage tanks, pressure vessels, hoppers and chutes, conveyors, mine machinery, logging equipment, tunnel boring equipment, marine and aqua-culture equipment.